The GPCCA owns and maintains the former Methodist Church as a Community Center. Residents and others are encouraged to make use of the building for meetings and events.

We recently installed about $1,000 of upgrades to the audio/visual (A/V) system which already had a large projector and giant screen. We can stream content from the internet using a phone, laptop, or computer, via bluetooth or wifi. Play a DVD movie or an audio CD , and use the wireless microphones to MC your event through the jumbo speakers at the front of the assembly hall. The Audio system is designed and maintained by one of our volunteers who is a long-time musician. We have a great stage and are ready to book your band.

We’ve been remodeling. We have a kitchen which is perfect for serving catered meals by keeping hot stuff hot and cold stuff cold. Several dinners have hosted fare from local providers. There are room dividers to keep the kitchen chaos from the guests. Feel free to use the sound system for MC’ing and musical entertainment. If you have a piano player you can feature live entertainment.

The latest additions to the Community Center are the new climate proof windows we’ve just had installed. They will help keep the center comfortable for your event all year. There are more updates to the building to come over the next few months. All of the updates have been funded by generous grants to the GPCCA, and from our local supporters.

If you would like to book the center for an event check out the info below. Check the calendar to see if the timing will work.